Live painting

Live painting: an artistic memory on canvas.

Live painting is a unique way to capture a special moment, an extraordinary event in an artistic manner. Live painting at a wedding, birthday, or anniversary? More and more people appreciate this special way of painting. I (Rob Jacobs) can create a painting of your special day on the spot, entirely according to your wishes, as an experienced and professional artist. Live Event Painting not only delivers a beautiful artwork but also an experience never to be forgotten! Curious? Read on and explore the possibilities!

Relive the magic of a special moment with live painting.

live painting Bruiloft Rob Jacobs

A special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or promotion is something you want to remember for as long as possible. While photos are a common choice, why not opt for a more artistic solution?

A painting that transports you back to that special moment time and time again, with joyful people and beautiful music. It’s all possible with Live painting! The live aspect of Live Event Painting is emphasized in the painting as an atmospheric impression, using quick-drying acrylic paint.

Indeed, the painting is handed over directly without varnish. This way, you can relive the magic of the special moment time and time again!

Examples of live painting events

The various possibilities of live painting listed.

live painting Bruiloft Rob Jacobs

There are various occasions for which you might want to invite a painter. A painter at a wedding, for example, during the tossing of the bridal bouquet? Or the cutting of the cake? We’ll align your vision for live painting through discussion, highlighting the people and moments you believe should be artistically illuminated. There are several possibilities:

  • Corporate party
  • Birthday
  • Family gathering
  • Reception
  • Dinner
  • Reunion
  • Retirement
  • Promotion
  • Wedding celebration

Feel free to contact us for further discussion about possibilities, prices, or personalized advice.

About Live Painter Rob Jacobs

“Painting has always been and continues to be driven by ‘Light’ and ‘Love’.” That’s how I – Rob Jacobs – have evolved into a figurative painter with extensive experience and commissions both nationally and internationally.

What I can offer you:

  • Experienced painter’s eye and hand
  • Live painting for any event
  • Skillful finishing
  • Flexibility
  • Painting in both domestic and international settings
  • Expert tailored advice
  • Also portraits, street or cityscapes, terraces, gardens, landscapes, still lifes, and many more options, from a photo at the studio or at your location. I am ready with heart and soul for every new painting commission.

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