Wedding day painting: You decide, perhaps in consultation with me, which scene of your wedding day you would prefer to have painted live and on location: for example the ceremony, the reception, informal congratulations with or without cutting of the cake, the dinner or perhaps partytime with the first dance. There are 3 possibilities:

LIVE EVENT PAINTING        (LEP)           Impression 3-4 hours, ready immediately
LIVE EVENT PAINTING +    (LEP+)         8-10 hours extra detailing in the studio
LIVE EVENT PAINTING ++  (LEP++)      32-60 hours extra detailing in the studio

230916 AnneliesvdBorreHuldenberg 80x100cm RobJacobs

Huwelijksborrel privé Huldenberg(B) 80x100cm 2023

Op 80x100cm, sept.2023. Komend van de ceremonie in de eigen ‘voortuin’, het borrelen vanaf hun vijver achterin, vanuit een prieeltje. Een enorm eigen terrein, met zelfs achterin de campingweide voor…