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We and all the others at the ‘care facility farm’ think the painting is beautiful. We can recognise all our residents by their postures, without seeing their faces. Thank you very much!

‘Doris and Noudje’ in response to a gift painting to Grootenhout Care Facility Farm, Mariahout, from a client, April 2018

I engaged Rob to immortalise the celebratory party as a surprise for a PhD graduate. What an awesome experience! Rob is a really friendly person, arrived well in time and his painting is fabulous. His work really captures the vibe. It was great for everyone there to follow the process, the whole experience with Rob was very positive!

‘Eefje’ in response to a graduation party painting in Amsterdam, February 2018

There was nothing but praise, the painting was brilliant and the bride and bridegroom were madly enthusiastic.

‘Nadia’ in response to a painting at a wedding reception in Lokeren, (Belgium), April 2018

The painting is wonderful and our ‘men’ (and clients, suppliers, friends, neighbours and acquaintances) think it was an awesome gift.

‘Jitske and Monique’, in response to a painting of a company anniversary party in Veghel, September 2017

Rob has left us a beautiful painting of a wonderful party. The guest of honour is very happy with this canvas, a wonderful impression, a treasured keepsake. Rob was present in a very agreeable manner, he was absorbed in his work but also interacted with the guests. Lovely to see, fantastic to have him there! We are very pleased and gratified.

‘Margot’ in response to a painting at a birthday party at home, Berkel Enschot, September 2017

The painting is fantastic…. Our daughter and son-in-law and grandchldren are clearly recognisable. Looking at the painting, the atmosphere of that wonderful day is tangible.

‘Jan and Ria’ in response to a wedding painting in Holsloot, July 2017

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