Live Event Painting

Live Event Painting: Artwork and Experience Combined!

Live Event Painting offers a unique opportunity to capture a special occasion in a remarkable way. Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding, birthday, gathering, or anniversary, capturing this special moment on a canvas is becoming increasingly popular! As an experienced and professional artist, I – Rob Jacobs – create a painting on the spot according to your wishes. Live Event Painting delivers a beautiful artwork and an experience to cherish forever!

Experience special moments over and over again with Live Event Painting.

Imagine this: you cast a glance at the painting hanging before you, and immediately, you’re transported back to your wedding or company anniversary. The people dancing, the music playing… it’s all possible with Live Event Painting! Experience how joy and love take shape through my eyes as an artist.

With Live Event Painting, a memory of your event is captured on canvas. ‘Live’ because your event is painted on the spot. You’ll relive the magic of this special occasion time and time again

Live Event Painting offers possibilities for your event.

Which moment would you like to have painted on canvas? The tossing of the bridal bouquet? The speech or the toast? Dancing people, the cocktail hour, or a dinner? After some discussion, we’ll decide which moment will be captured with Live Event Painting. The most important moment and/or indicated individuals will be artistically highlighted. Then, there are three options for Live Event Painting:

  • Live Event Painting: Atmosphere impression in 4 hours.
  • Live Event Painting +: 8 hours of post-detailing at the studio.
  • Live Event Painting ++: 32-60 hours of post-detailing at the studio.

Examples of live painting events

live painting Bruiloft Rob Jacobs

About Live Event Painting – Rob Jacobs

“Painting has always been and continues to be driven by ‘Light’ and ‘Love’.” That’s how I – Rob Jacobs – have evolved into a figurative painter with extensive experience and commissions both nationally and internationally.

What I can offer you:

  • Experienced painter’s eye and hand
  • Live Painting for any event
  • Skillful finishing
  • Flexibility
  • Painting in both domestic and international settings
  • Expert tailored advice
  • Also portraits, street or cityscapes, terraces, gardens, landscapes, still lifes, and much more, from a photo at the studio or at your location. I am ready with heart and soul for every new painting commission.

Interested in scheduling an appointment? More information about Live Event Painting?

Whether you’re looking for a painter at your wedding or Live Event Painting for a staff party, birthday, or dinner, I’d be happy to discuss the options with you!

Feel free to request a no-obligation quote or contact me to schedule an appointment.