Live Painting Amsterdam

Live Event Painting in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a fitting gift for a wedding in Amsterdam? Or are you soon to be getting married in Amsterdam yourself and seeking a unique way to capture this occasion? Then live event painting in Amsterdam is definitely for you! Live painting is a way to capture a unique and memorable moment in an artistic manner.

I, Rob Jacobs, will come as a painter to your wedding or other occasion in Amsterdam to create a beautiful scene on canvas. The live aspect of this painting method lies in the fact that I will be painting while the events are taking place. So, if you’re looking for something different from a photographer, or seeking a creative way to capture events visually, contact me for more information about live painting in Amsterdam!

Experience the magic in Amsterdam time and time again with live event painting

Whether it’s a wedding celebration, a corporate event, or an anniversary, some moments in life demand to be captured. And preferably in a way that recalls memories of that special moment.

As a live event painter, I can come to a location in Amsterdam to portray in an artistic manner.

Which moment do you want to capture? What atmosphere is being depicted, and which people should be highlighted? It’s entirely up to you!

live painting Bruiloft Rob Jacobs

During live event painting, I work on-site with fast-drying acrylic paint, after which the live event painting is handed over unvarnished. Experience the magic of the special occasion in Amsterdam time and time again!

Examples of Live Painting in Amsterdam and other projects

Live paint Ceremonie Oosterhout Noord Brabant 80x100cm Rob Jacobs
Live paint Diner Goirle Noord Brabant 170827 80x100cm Rob Jacobs
Live paint Bruiloft NadineBarel 170122 100x80cm Rob Jacobs
Live paint Ceremonie Domburg Zeeland 170826 80x100cm Rob Jacobs
live painting Bruiloft Rob Jacobs

About Live Painter Rob Jacobs

“Painting has always been and will always be from and through ‘Light’ and ‘Love’.” That’s how I – Rob Jacobs – have developed into a figurative artist with plenty of experience and commissions both domestically and internationally.

What I can offer:

  • Experienced painter’s eye and hand
  • Live painting for any event
  • Skillful finishing
  • Flexible
  • Painting domestically & internationally
  • Expert tailored advice

Portraits, street or cityscapes, terrace, garden, landscape, still life, and many more possibilities, from a photo in the studio or at your location, I am ready with heart and soul for every new painting commission.

For which occasion in Amsterdam will you choose a live event painter?

Are you getting married in Amsterdam? Do you have a party or gathering in Amsterdam? There are various opportunities to choose live event painting in Amsterdam. A painter for a wedding? No problem, I would be happy to come to you! Consider occasions such as:

  • A reunion
  • A promotion
  • A farewell
  • An anniversary
  • A corporate event

Feel free to contact for further discussion on possibilities, prices, or tailored advice.

In Amsterdam, we discuss the possibilities of live painting

Curious about what I can offer as a live event painter in Amsterdam?

I am happy to discuss with you about the wishes and possibilities of live painting. Feel free to contact me for more information or to request a non-binding quote for your event.

Feel free to call Rob Jacobs ☎ 06-48813314.

.. or email for a non-binding quote.